14 Kommentare zu “Hello!

  1. I love your abstract images! There is always so much to see and discover. Your photograph immediately reminded me of „cloud images“ – when we were children we used to lie in the grass and tell each other what fairies, castles of monsters we see hidden in the clouds.

    • Martina, this reminds me of cloud images, too (now that you mention it).

      Seeing images in things has a long tradition; I think there actually is something about this topic in Leonardo da Vinci’s writings. So, it’s obviously not just for children.

        • Martina, I still feel like I owe you an answer here: I read about Leonardo and other artists of his era who saw landscapes and ‚battle scenes‘ in a certain type of stone (namely, slate). Apparently Leonardo made a point of how certain patterns in the slate stimulated the spectators‘ imagination.
          For me, the mechanisms at work seem to be the same with those rocks and clouds and your ‚ghost‘ (although I think your picture is more complex).
          To find out more, you might want to read Werner Busch, „Das unklassische Bild. Von Tizian bis Constable und Turner“, München: Beck, 2009. In case you’re interested, you’ll find a short review in my blog (in German).

  2. Zufällig so abgeblättert… Mir gefallen solche Bilder generell – und dieses freundliche „Hello“ ganz besonders, zumal da ja noch etwas dahinter ist.

  3. Ganz klar, ein Fall für Scully und Mulder :o)
    Interessantes Motiv, an dem so mancher sicher vorbei gegangen wäre. Lässt viel Freiraum für die Phantasie.

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