Zu Wasser und zu Luft…..

Dimage Z1, [s]: 1/400  Brennweite [mm]: 5,8  35mm-Brennweite [mm]: 38  ISO-Wert: 50  F-Nummer: F5,6

Digitale Entwicklung: Farbsättigung reduziert


7 Kommentare zu “Zu Wasser und zu Luft…..

  1. I really like this one! The contrast between the plane and the sky is fantastic. Where was this taken? – it is such a nice setting.

    • Dale, this is in Berlin Treptow. Its by the river „Spree“. There is a harbor and a large park, so this part of the river is used for casual recreation.

      • Nice… I have only spent a couple of days in Berlin, but hopefully one day I can save the $ to get back to Germany. Berlin is such a lively and interesting part of the world. Such a pity I’m on the other side of the planet! :-\

  2. Fabulous framing! It’s great to see such a busy lake, everyone seems to enjoy the lovely weather. And the fabulous red of the plane really adds to the whole composition.

  3. Ohh, ein Wasserflugzeug und darunter ein nicht minder nostalgisch anmutendes Ausflusschiff UND ein paar Rudererer… da is aber ganz schön was los. Ich hoffe doch, dass sich da niemand in die Quere kommt?

    LG, AnnaLouisa

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